Our Mission: to be a leader in the treatment of Sleep Apnea, combining best-in-class clinical outcomes with the premier client experience in Ontario. We pursue perfection in customer satisfaction, clinical therapy compliance and client health outcomes.

Supporting Your Sleep Journey

1. Before Purchase: 

  • Education on your Sleep Disorder and prescribed therapy
  • Equipment reviews, comparisons, and recommendations
  • Mask fitting techniques and recommendations
  • Submit coverage estimate to insurance provider (if applicable)

2. During Purchase: 

  • Set-up machine to prescribed settings
  • Provide education on machine use and comfort settings
  • Tips and Tricks for success
  • Create customer account for interactive therapy
  • Preparation and submission of insurance claim forms (if applicable)
  • Preparation and submission of claim form for Assistive Devices Program

3. After Purchase: 

  • Follow-up to ensure your therapy is successful
  • Run data reports from CPAP machine and provide to Patient and/or healthcare professional 
  • Troubleshoot any equipment issues or concerns
  • Answer questions as they arise
  • Once you purchase from us, we are here to help you sleep better for the rest of your life!